White Hat SEO That Works Perfect

Search engines display two kinds of results-paid and organic search results. If you have enough money, you can pay search engines and get your site on the top. If you don’t have enough money (or if you don’t want to go that route), you should pay third party companies that will optimize your site (or you have to do it yourself). In this case, you should develop an SEO strategy and try to please search engines playing the game by their rules, otherwise, you’ll appear out-of-the-game. Shortly, you should choose the white hat SEO, because search engines have become smarter and it is more and more difficult to deceive them. So if you want to rank higher, improve your search performance on a SERP while maintaining the integrity of your website.

On-Page SEO Is the Axis

Passing many definitions I can say on-page SEO means you optimize your site architecture even without having a domain, content, and keywords. It’s done for search engines, thus you should be sure your site will be indexed by search engines and it is easy-to-navigate. So crawlers will be able to surf through pages. If you don’t care about your users, search engines won’t do that. Probably this is the case when the client is right. So once you have designed a site (or you have updated it), test it among your devoted users before it goes live to find out whether you have come to better navigation. Never try designing websites that are modern or luxurious, if they are hard to navigate.

Content Marketing Closes the Gap

“Content is king” is no longer relevant, because search engines not only look at the text and H tags as you used to think, but they also look at the other objects like videos, images, alt tags, meta tags and many other factors that influence the ranking. So now it’s actual to say “Content is the king”. This is not a Content writing tutorial, but you should know that people spend less than a minute on a site before clicking off. So this is the time you’re given to provide quality content and attract users.

It’s probably the hardest part of a white hat SEO, but you should provide interesting and useful content, otherwise, your site’s place is in the dustbin. Now search engines look at the words count, at keywords you use in your text, at the updates you make on old posts and many more. This means you should always keep your finger on the pulse. If you are new at SEO, do not use old books or techniques because since 2011 Google has launched a few updates that turned the search engine algorithm upside down. I mean the search engines’ logic changes every day and it will be a big mistake to be guided by old tactics, for example, Google makes 500 changes every year. Though if you have been on the net for a long time and your sites have many articles that were written according to the rules search engines required past times, do not hesitate to edit or delete them. For example, suffered a lot after Panda update and lost revenue. But they deleted and edited 600.000 low-quality articles and now they are back.

Every time I speak about SEO and content’s role in it, I think whether my posts have the right structure or whether I choose the right keywords, and every time I come to a conclusion that you don’t have to provide content for search engines (only), but you have to write for grassroots. Yes, the pages are indexed by search engines, but the content is approved by people, and if you could interest them, they will share and tweet it.

To check out whether the content you provide is worthy to be ranked high by search engines, you can ask yourself “whether you’ll share it” or “is there a revelation that will make people leave a comment”. I know many people that share their posts and wait for a response. If it spreads like a virus, they have done a great job. If not, it means they’ve just posted what interested them and not the others. So every time you’re going to publish an article, ask yourself whether you helped your readers to solve a problem or develop. If you can’t attract users, maybe it’s the right time to change the niche you’re writing about. Because if you have no business writing about and do that for SEO, it wouldn’t be professional and useful.

The next recommendation refers to the quantity. It’s more acceptable to publish less but better stories. Say, if you post 20 posts per week, it’s better to turn to the saving mode and publish 7-8 quality posts.

Guest Blogging Is Still Acceptable

You can’t purchase links anymore! Google will penalize your site! So what you have to do in this case is just guest blogging. It’s a white hat technique for sure, but be careful with the sites and the number of links coming from those guest posts. I mean search engines penalize all the sites that seem have got too many shady links, and when you begin guest posting on sites that are of a similar Domain Authority to your own and get many quality links, it seems to Google you’ve purchased those links. It’s important not to overshoot the mark and everything will be ok.

Social Media Is Powerful

Many companies have social media pages. But owning a page and using it for business are different things. Currently, social media pages and websites are connected with a thick rope. So when you start a social media campaign, you better have a plan, because when you post something interesting, it can go viral and be shared by thousands. Thus they’ll also link back to your website. Using social media you make your users be aware of your products or new posts, but you can use it in the right way and help SEO as well. This is a quite white hat technique and it seems it’s going to be more and more popular among SEO campaigns.


I know it’s hard to choose between white, grey and black hat SEO techniques because when you decide to go on the right path and don’t succeed, it’s disappointing. Moreover, when you see how many sites rank higher and get revenues using black hat SEO, it seems you have had to do the same. But I recommend you not to despair because though we can’t ignore the black hat SEO at all, the white hat has many advantages:

  • Black hat SEO requires not less money and effort as you can think.
  • Black hat SEO is for a short period of time, while the white hat builds exciting, scalable, long-term companies.
  • Black hat SEO carriers a risk to be penalized and lose everything you have worked on.

White hat SEO can help you understand what you are worth.

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